Space has been thought to have only 3 dimensions which are length, width and depth. Only until Einstein proposed that time is also a dimension in time, which led to the mathematical model of Spacetime. By combining time and the original 3 dimensions Einstein has helped a lot of physicists simplify many physical theories. In space the rate at which time passes depends on the velocity of the object moving relating to the speed of light and how strong gravitational fields pull on the object. Einstein believed that Spacetime was curvature and not a force. It being curved by matter, and that objects in space “free falling” actually traveled in straight paths called Geodesics. Using Newton’s first Law Einstein believes if there is an outside force applied to an object in free fall traveling along a geodesic that the object would be knocked out of the geodesic’s path.

external image 180px-Light_cone.svg.png


By: Jon Kesti