An ocean tide refers to the constant cycle of high and low ocean levels. The rising and falling is due mostly to the gravitational pull of the moon and little in part of the sun. Tides rise and fall periodically because of the rotation of the Earth. The moon produces two tidal bulges somewhere on Earth due to gravitational attraction. The height of these bulges depends on the gravitational force exerted by the moon and Earth's gravity pulling the water back in the direction of Earth (Ocean Tides).

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EQUILIBRIUM THEORY By: TheCros Equilibrium - when no part of an object is accelerating. Net force = 0 & Net torque = 0.
Tides revolve around two theories, the equilibrium theory and the dynamic theory. The equilibrium theory involves the laws of physics and the dynamic theory involves tides as they occur in the real work, fitted to landmasses, geometry of the ocean basins, and Earth's rotation.
The equilibrium tidal theory draws in a water-covered planet and its moon orbiting the sun. Earth's gravitational force secures the Moon in its orbit. Meanwhile, a centripital force pulls the Moon away from Earth attempting to launch it into space. Earth and the Moon rotate around common center of mass of their orbital system which is held in orbit by the Sun's gravitational attraction while centripital force pulls the center of mass away from the Sun. The centripital and the gravitational forces must attain uphold equilibrium to hold the Earth's and Moon's system in orbit(Tides).

The Moon Vs The Sun
Both the moon and the sun have an effect on the tides. Even though the sun is much bigger than the moon and has a greater gravitatonal force, it is much farther away so the moon as much more of an influence on the tides. The moon's gravitational attraction pulls at Earths oceans, pulling them into bluges towards the moon. The tide changes becaues the moon travels around the Earth, causing the bludges to move also.

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