Naked Singularities
Naked Singularities are a sister to the black hole. They form after a massive star has reached the end of its life. Having exhaused the fuel that substained it for millions of years. The star can no longer hold its weight and begins to collapse. Researchers found a wide variety of stellar collapse scenarios in which an event horizon(point in a black hole where the force pulls you in) doesn't form. Physicists call it a Naked Singularity. Matter and radiation can both fall in and come out. Therefore you could get as close as you wish and living to tell about it. They are mysterious as they're places where the known laws of physics break down. In Einstein's general law of relativity singularities inevitably arise during the sollapse of a star.

external image naked-singularities_1.jpg

Observing Singularities
  • High energy explosions that brighten and fade in a ddistinctive way
  • Certain classes of gamma-ray bursts remain unexplained, Naked Singularities account for them
  • They bend light of backround stars different then black holes do
  • If black holes are spinning faster than normal is actually a Naked Singularity. The square kilometer array (SKA) radio telescope would have the precision to tell

Picture and information from: Magazine February 2009 issue