Event Horizons
By Cody B.
There are two parts to a black hole, a singularity and a event horizon. If you were to take a slice of a black hole right through its center it would look like this:

The event horizon is where the force of gravity becomes so strong that even light is pulled into the black hole. Although the event horizon is part of a black hole, it is not a tangible object. If you were to fall into a black hole, it would be impossible for you to know when you hit the event horizon.
But, the researchers at St. Andrews University, Scotland, claim to have found a way to simulate an event horizon of a black hole using lasers, a length of optical fiber and depending on some bizarre quantum mechanics, a "singularity" may be created to alter a laser's wavelength, synthesizing the effects of an event horizon.black_hole1.jpg
If this experiment can produce an event horizon, the theoretical phenomenon of Hawking Radiation may be tested, perhaps giving Stephen Hawking the best chance yet of winning the Nobel Prize.

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